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Double Ended Grinding Machine

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  • Rich Industry experience

    With many years of experience in the field of precision machinery, we have accumulated our own core competitive advantages and laid the foundation for the technological innovation of double face grinder.


  • 专业的技术人员

    Professiona technician

    Organize personnel of different levels to carry out regular training and various exchanges, and improve working skills and efficiency by creating a learning environment and comprehensive training.

  • Advanced production equipment

    Introduce advanced equipment and technology, take design and R & D as the priority principle, and strengthen the integration of product process, tooling, design and manufacturing.


  • 齐全的检测设备

    Omplete testing equipment

    Purchase high-precision testing equipment, strict and precise quality supervision mechanism, fine control of material allocation, process flow and assembly details, and ensure the realization and promotion of value with quality.

  • Intimate after-sales servic

    With professional production team to provide customers with comprehensive services, treat every customer attentively, conduct regular project quality return visit, find problems and deal with them in time.


  • Application Industry

    About us

    Taizhou Guanyi Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is a powerful machinery manufacturing base in China. It is a professional manufacturer of vertical double end grinder, horizontal double end grinder and other double end grinder. It adopts the international advanced structure and has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient adjustment, high rigidity and high precision.[View details]

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